Sailing adventures rekindled

My love of sailing was rekindled by a series of adventures on the British Yacht Right Royal.  My old school pal Tim Rowe had acquired  this once magnificent racing yacht built in 1951 that had ended up in France after going around the globe a couple of times.  Tim had an urge to get it to Corfu and  I had much enjoyed helping in this quest.  The first adventure was sailing from Northern Spain down the Atlantic calling in at many interesting places in Spain and Portugal and finishing up in an old favourite haunt Gibraltar, a place that is more British than Britain.

I helped with some restoration work in Valencia and sailed across to France. Later on I joined the Right Royal in Corfu had some more adventures around there.

Having got the urge for sailing back it is a natural step to have my own boat.  This way I can sail a lot more and also make it a family inclusive activity.  So 6 BOB the project was conceived in September 2015.  This time I sought the help (courtesy of Google) of a naval architect that specialises in such projects and I decided on a Scandanavian design spritsail sloop.  Here are some photos of the building process

Here are some images of launching and sailing at Lake Ullswater in Cumbria.

 6 BOB is BRILLIANT (not BARMY) This doesn't mean there haven't been improvements.  I've added a side seat to both sides of the section behind the mast.  Also I've included 25kg of ballast fastened in securely in the bottom of each centre compartment because I wanted any capsize to be more or less self righting.  Capsize drill was supervised by Pete at the Glenridding Sailing Centre and this went really well.  Although we haven't capsized since by accident or design the drill proved the design modification worked. To improve handling I added a rudder extension that can be retracted.  The last major design change was to add another sail rig option.  I bought another sail and designed a Gunter style rig that has an added boom onto which the sail is attached loose footed. This means we have two sail rig options. The last two images above have this rig with a reef in and no foresail - it was a breezy day. 
Finally I got a bespoke tarpauline cover made up to keep everything snug when not sailing.

Above photographs show some closer details of 6BOB including some of the modifications. 
The rudder has been extensively modified to include a safety line that attaches to the main sheet boom, a rudder extension that can be raised for shallow water (or beaching) and a tiller extension so as to have full control when sitting on the side seats.
Also shown are mast supports that be used for long term storage so that the mast does not bend and become warped. 
There are also two close up images of the trailer that was a bespoke build in 2016 by SBS Trailers of Wolverhampton.


The next stage in the adventure is Callanish. This is an Anderson 22 cruiser/racer with 4 berths.  This is an old yacht (1979) but in fine condition. Judging by the condition of the fittings and the lack of navigation lights, it has never been to sea. Its sits on its original trailer in Fairfield Marina Ullswater during the Winter and goes on the lake April to September for sailing.  Currently we only have a swinging mooring. Unfortunately the jetty berths are in short supply. It hasn't had much sailing recently either as I've had to replace the old worn out halyards just to get a good handle on things.  There'll be more improvements in the future but 2018 is going to be a good year for sailing


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