It is possible to fashion a pen body out of any wood although it is impractical for me to hold stocks of a large variety of different woods as there are so many

Sales experience reveals that the most popular wooden body materials are:

OAK - A dependable wood with strength of character that looks good on a pen and suits gold or chromium style

YEW - The English Yew pen body displays unusual grain features and sometimes there are artistically pleasing
            colour variations where the sapwood and heartwood meet.  Suits gold or chromium trimmings although
            I believe the 24ct gold plating looks best. Note that yew grain patterns vary considerably so if requested
            I will email an image of the actual pen made for you so you can see it before buying.

LABURNUM - This wood is a very hard material and the grain pattern produces a rich golden brown that
            will turn darker brown with age.  In my view this pen is best coupled with 25ct Gold plated trimmings

TEAK - HMS Tricomalee was launched in 1817 and is our oldest warship still afloat. During restoration work in
             Hartlepool some pieces of the old structure had to be removed.  I was given a small quantity of this
             material and it looks good in a pen.  At 200 years old the wood is dark in colour but remarkably sound
             in its structure as it has retained the natural oil within the structure of the wood that presumably made
             it a good material for shipbuilding.  A pen made from this material is rare and precious. As the material
             runs out the cost will escalate       

COOLABAH BURR - The burr occurs at the base of the tree and produces a natural patternation effect that is
             pleasing to the eye when turned and polished. 

WALNUT ROOT - An unusual material that I came across by accident.  It has a distinctive colour and grain
             pattern that looks good with all types of pen and and both gold and chromium style trimmings



Acrylic pen bodies come in an infinite range of colours.  Again it is impractical for me to hold stocks of a large variety of so I focus on those styles that have been popular with sales over the years.

Blanks prepared

Finished Pens
Ready for Turning

Turned and polished