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Chris Richardson - Germany

Trincomalee Fountain Pen - Maiden Voyage

Hello Andy,
The pen was inked up and I have been writing with it for a week.  The pen sits well in my hand.  The nib is smooth and I have no need to polish it with micro mesh like I do with other pens.  It is smoother than some of my more expensive pens.  Definitely a good manufacturer. Really nice,
All the Best,

Matthew Parker - England

I promised I would submit a resume that you could publish about my Whiskey Barrel pen

Hi Andy and Chris,
I discovered the amazing whiskey barrel pen by chance, and quickly fell in love with its unique design but also the quality of the pen. It's perfectly balanced, so slightly on the chunky size but that's the design which actually makes it so easy to hold. It uses a standard Parker pen refill but weirdly it writes much better than if you were using a standard Parker Jotter.
I lost my first pen and made contact to see if I could order a further pen for myself and then one for my brother's birthday and he also loves the pen.
Such great craftmanship and the order/delivery process was "same day" and just in time for my brother's birthday.
Treat yourself, it's worth every penny.

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