Oak Fountain Pen

Fountain pens have German manufactured Iridium tipped nib, an ink reservoir and optional cartridge

Executive Click Pen

These elegant ball point pens have a lovely smooth click action.  They take a 'parker' style refill

HMS Trincomalee Pen

Launched in 1817, HMS Trincomalee is the oldest British warship afloat.  Teak has been recovered during restoration work at Hartlepool.

Whisky Barrel Pen

Barrel staves donated by The Lakes Distillery have provided an unusual material for a pen body

Acrylic Pens

Acrylic material can produce a vibrant and colourful pen body


Yew is a material that makes a pen body with character and style

Necklace Pens

Necklace pens can be useful to keep your pen handy 

Card Symbol Pens

These pens are popular with my bridge playing friends and can be incorporated into any pen body style


NEW for 2020 - Premium Fountain Pen or Rollerball
Constructed with English Oak body
Iridium tipped Size 6 nib


NEW for 2021 - Pigeon Ring Pen

Incorporating a pigeon ring as the centre band turns this pen into a unique memory of a favourite bird

The illustration shows these pens made with  English Oak that I believe is an outstanding material for a pen body.  It has been suggested though that wood from a favourite perch of the bird could be used instead to provide added value