I recently became friends with someone who was involved in racing pigeons.  A chance conversation spawned an interesting idea.

Racing pigeon owners like to have a keepsake of a favourite bird that has passed away.  The obvious answer is to use the bird's ring in an object in some way that can establish and retain it's memory.   We realised that perhaps I could incorporate a ring into the body of a pen to meet this need.

I quickly established that my broad streamline pen can be adapted and the result is quite pleasing

Here are some images 

I use local wood that I have secured and seasoned myself to manufacture around trusted pen mechanisms. The Oak used for the pens in the images produced a lovely finish.  I would say it is stunning for this type of pen making application.  The grain has beautiful patterns that are almost like burr that is a much prized but more rare material and my preferred lacquered finish gives it a solid, clean and natural look. I couldn't be more happy with it. 

How it works:

Firstly I'll make and assemble the pen just like I would any other. 
Then I'll replace the center band with a tape washer that will provide a snug fit for the ring.
The clip end section of the pen is designed to pull apart from the nib end.  This is how you replace the refill when necessary.
So to fit the ring you pull apart the two sections, slip the ring over the tape washer and push the two parts back together.
So you don't have to send me the ring because you put it on yourself.  It's a simple procedure but I'll include instructions anyway.


If you would like to purchase a pen this is what to do:

1.  Email me to make the order.  My email address is andyandchris@talktalk.net.  Include your name, address, and a presentation label message (if required).

2.  For a presentation label to put inside the presentation case I'll print anything you like.  Bear in mind though that if you have a lot to say then the print will be very small as the label measures only  37mm x 21mm.
3.  I'll confirm the order and explain payment options.  You will need to be able to pay by internet banking transfer or to my Paypal account - sorry I don't do credit cards. I can do cheques but they take time to process.

4.  Once I receive payment I'll make up the pen and send it to the address you provide.

Pen £25
Presentation case (as illustrated above) £5
Label Free
Postage Free (UK only)

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